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Why to Choose BICADEC ?

BICADEC is a well-known, firmly established and respected international institution in Burundi and the region, with an effective and efficient staff in consulting and capacity building. BICADEC has an assortment of multicultural staff, facilitators and resource persons and multicultural participants from diverse economies with rich experiences. BICADEC provides personalised care for participants needs and sensitivity. Our trainers are without question leading figures in the industry and are highly experienced practitioners with sound proven track records in capacity building and development assignements. At BICADEC, we ensure that skills and knowledge gained through participating in our training courses will have profound practical impacts. A strong IT/ICT base forms the core of our methodology for presentation and training. BICADEC has in place the best learner friendly environment. BICADEC is working with other international Organizational and delivers quality services. Free internet access to all our clients Our professional staffs are experts in their professions, and they facilitate the transfer of knowledge to our participants for increased productivity and performance at all levels.

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